Sparse lashes. Short lashes. Thin lashes. Barely there lashes. Unfortunately, not all of us are born with a full and natural lash line. Founder of LONGLASH Growth, Kara Noel, whose genetics did her no favours, and who suffered from short and thin lashes has tried it all. From tediously applying and gluing on false eyelashes, to attending repeated and costly eyelash extensions appointments, to trying every mascara on the market. The cost, the time to upkeep, and the damage that ensued with each of these different methods became tiresome and ultimately not worth it.

Determined that there had to be a more sustainable way to achieve the lashy look she was going for, without further damage to her natural lashes, Kara began the journey to create LONGLASH. No more quick fixes.

With the environment and physical health in mind, LONGLASH Growth Serum was created using only the most effective natural ingredients that won’t compromise your health or your principles. The natural formula is designed to rejuvenate and enhance your natural lash line. The use of LONGLASH is a simple addition to any beauty routine, that brings maintainable results at an affordable price!
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